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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's sweeter than a Family poem, written from the heart!

| Thursday, January 12, 2012 |

There are many special holiday in a year, but beside them, how many times do you give someone a gilt with a card with just the greeting on no special event?

You think that it’s boring. Do you want to do something to make it different? If you say yes, then writing a poem is one of the best ways for you to make it different, come on, why you can't come up with a rhyme of your own? Let write a poem for your family.

Your kid may love rhymes, and the short sentences, because they are children. You can make them laugh and fall asleep with one funny cute poem. It's just a short beginning step to writing family poems.

Write a short poem for your parents on holiday is something very special. Beside a expensive gift which you did many time, this time, let write a poem of your own and attach with your gift.

It will be very romantic if you have a poem of yourself and read it for your wife/husband or your boy/girlfriend on anniversary dinner. Believe me, it could be the biggest surprise of them.

Your poem don't need too long but if you did it too short you cannot show you emotion, so a poem should be more than 4 lines and less than 20.

And if you're stuck with inspiration when you write your poem, it is ok with a little copy, as long as it's for a loved one. After all, you wouldn't want the original author coming after you, for their 350-year old copyright. It's easy to exchange names, locations and other details to make a classic poem of your own.

Hope it can help you to write your own poem.


"My Hero Grandmother"


The Prophet

My child arrived just the other day

A Time To Celebrate

My Treasure - For Mom

I love my family so much

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